Kanga 2 Knot Rope Halter

Kanga 2 Knot Rope Halter

Natural Horse Rope Halter 

Burwash's Natural Horsemanship line is made with the same cord as Parelli. Used by many world renowned professional trainers. This is the halter of choice for the biggest Natural Horsemanship trainers. 6mm double braid yacht cord makes this the softest halter on the market and the ultimate in subtle communication.

  • Used by Renowned Professional Trainers
  • 6mm Double Braid Yacht Cord
  • Ultrasoft Halter Allows for Subtle Communication
  • Assorted Colours
  • Available Sizes: Foal, Yearling, Average/Horse, Large, Draft

Please note: This product comes in assorted colours and we are unable to guarantee the colour. If you have a colour preference, please leave a note with 2-3 preferred colours in order comments and we will do our best to accommodate your request.