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How to Measure your Horse

Basically, all equine blankets and sheets have similar designs. They cover your horse's barrel from withers to tail and hang to just below the elbows and stifles. 

However, not all blankets or sheets are cut in the same manner. 

As such, check the manufacturer's measuring guidelines to ensure the best fit of your chosen blanket or sheet.
Regardless of the manufacturer's recommendations, however, there are some simple ways to ensure you obtain the correct measurements of your horse. 

We recommend that the horse be measured from:

  • (A) the centre point of the chest, over the high point of the shoulder, and then to

  • (B) the furthest rear point of the rump measuring along the side of the horse

Refer to the Size Chart below to determine the right size rug/blanket based on your horse's measurement. If your horse is between sizes, choose the bigger size