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How to Measure Your Hat Size

How to Determine Your Hat Size

Place the start of a tape measure (soft tape measures work best) at the middle of your forehead above the eyebrows. Wrap the tape around your head just about 1/8" above the ears. Then use the general conversion chart below. If your measurement falls between sizes choose the next largest size.

Please note: The following is a general size chart and can vary by somewhat by manufacturer.



How To Determine Your Hat Shape

The crown and brim you choose is really a matter of personal taste however you can use the following as a guideline.

Crown:  The vertical portion of a felt or straw hat is called the crown. It is measured from the bottom of the hat band, located directly in the middle of the crease, to the middle dip of the crown. An average crown measurement is 4 ½” but can vary from anywhere between 4” and 4 ¾”. Your stature usually is a good determination of crown size. (eg. taller stature = larger crown).

Brim: The horizontal part of a felt or straw hat. Choosing the right size brim is determined by facial features. The brim size highlights and emphasizes facial features. To determine you face shape and which brims go best with that shape please click here.