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Vet Strider Therapy Boot


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Product Overview

Reusable, robust hoof protection. Used to help treat a wide variety of hoof problems. Quick to apply, simply check the fit, thread the tie through the appropriate band, place the Vet-Strider Equine Poultice Boot over the
hoof and tighten the tie. Easy to remove, just cut the tie. Can be used over wet or dry poultice or on its own to protect the hoof. Allows hoof to breathe. Sold as single boot. Black only.

Supported by Vets for use on:

  • Hoof Abscesses
  • Puncture Wounds
  • Bruising
  • Lost Shoes
  • Cracked Hooves
  • Comes in black or orange


Small – 9-13cm (12.2h approx.)
Medium - 11.5-14cm (12.2h – 15.2h approx.)
Large - 14-20cm (15h+ approx.)

Dimension is the maximum width of the hoof. Add 1.25 cm for any dressing.

 Please note: Turnout is possible but not advisable in deep mud.