SMX VenTech Western Cinch

SMX VenTech Western Cinch

The SMX VenTech is the new standard for equine comfort and technology with all the premium features you expect from a Professionals Choice product. The exclusive new VenTech technology features a ventilated, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse. It allows heat and moisture to escape, keeping your horse cool and performing at its best. Detachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing. Superior quality and comfort. The SMX VenTech Western Cinch is suitable for any western discipline. 

  • Ventilated Waffle Patterned, Non-Slip Neoprene Liner
  • Conforms to Horse
  • Removable Liner for Easy Washing
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Stainless Steel Roller Buck & Center D-Rings
  • Heavy Duty Webbing with Reinforced Nylon Stitching
  • Professional's Choice 6 Month Warranty
  • Chocolate, Black

Professionals Choice has revolutionized the equine industry through diligent scientific research and producing the highest quality products strictly for the horse's safety and well-being. Pro Choice tack, sport boots, saddle pads, and much more are sought after by trainers and riders the world over.