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Outffiters Supply Premium Lash Cinch

Outfitters Supply

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Product Overview

Outfitters Supply Lash Cinch is made from heavy-duty two-ply woven cotton webbing with a brass hook on one end and a heavy D ring on the other. Heavy leather ends are hand riveted with #9 copper rivets and sewn; with proper care these will last a lifetime. 

  • Heavy Duty 2 Ply Woven Cotton Webbing
  • Brass Hook on One End, Heavy D Ring on the Other
  • Heavy Leather Ends with Hand Riveted #9 Copper Rivets
  • Available Sizes: 30", 33" 36"

Lash Cinches, in conjunction with lash ropes, are used to secure your load, especially items packed on top of your pack saddle. The Lash Cinch works as a cinch under the animal's belly, while the lash rope is hooked to it and then tied in a variety of hitches (diamond, box, etc), depending on the load.