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Marie Sharp Grapefruit Hot Sauce - 50 ml


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Product Overview

Nice and subtle, but with a slow burn that will creep up on you.  Perfect accompaniment for rice and savoury dishes.  Add to salsas and marinades for extra tartness and punch.  But you HAVE TO try it on garlic shrimp – it will blow your mind.  This is one of Marie Sharp's top sellers so far.

2 out of 6 as far as heat goes.

No artificial color, flavor, preservatives or additives.  All natural products.  Gluten Free.

INGREDIENTS: Grapefruit pulp, select yellow habanero pepper, white vinegar, onions, salt, lime juice and garlic.

"Marie Sharp’s Grapefruit Hot Sauce.  Made with a combination of ripe grapefruit pulp and yellow habanero pepper.  It has a good kick and a slow burn.  Tastes great with shrimp or any kind of white fish.  Excellent as a condiment on chicken fried rice."