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Back On Track Coloured Mesh Rug with Hood

Back On Track

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Product Overview

The Back on Track® Mesh Rug and Hood are perfect for warming up muscles and joints prior to exercise and for reducing inflammation or fatigue post exercise. The Mesh Neck Cover is detachable which can extend the application possibilities according to the needs of your horse. The Mesh Rug can be used all year round in the stable, during transportation, under a stable rug on cool days or in combination with a warm winter Turnout Rug. During the summer months the Mesh Rug is the perfect blanket because of its optimal breathable qualities. 

  • Detachable Mesh Neck Cover
  • Polyester at neck for strength
  • Shoulder pleats
  • Soft quilting around the withers
  • Tail flap with a tail strap and loops for the leg ties. T
  • Double front closure with crisscrossed belly surcingles (pop closures)
  • Slightly elastic material allows blanket to fit well on many horses.
  • Sizes: 75" - 81" (Measure from wither to tail.)
  • Available Colours: Navy, Wine, Green, Brown

The Back on Track® Mesh Rug and Hood Combo is the ideal choice for horses who show back and neck soreness, muscle tension, arthritis, or a tendency to be stiff. With exceptional coverage, the breathable mesh outer of the Rug and Hood pairs with Back on Track's Welltex® technology to assist in muscle and joint recovery, to speed healing, to lessen inflammation and to increase comfort. Welltex® fabric is comprised of a special mineral composition to create a soothing infrared thermal warmth by reflecting body heat and increasing blood circulation.