3-in-1 Grooming Stool

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3-in-1 Grooming Stool

Constructed of Heavy Duty plastic, this Grooming Stool is a grooming tote, mounting block and stool in one. Great for use in the barn, trailer and on the road at shows and rodeos. The deep storage space, removable tray, leather handle and secure closures make it ideal for multiple uses. 

    • Heavy Duty Plastic Construction
    • Grooming Tote, Stool & Mounting Block in One
    • Great for Use in Bard, Trailer & Shows/Rodeos
    • Deep Storage Space
    • Removable Tray
    • Leather Handle
    • Secure Closures
    • Available Colours: Red, Black, Purple, Pink, Royal Blue, Teal, Hunter Green, Lime, Yellow