How to Measure & Select a Horse Harness Size

Helpful tips to measure your horse for a harness:

  • Measure on a flat level surface using a cloth measuring tape.  Please measure in inches.

  • The Poll is measured from the corner of the mouth, up over the poll, behind the ears, to the other corner of the mouth.

  • Girth is measured right behind the front legs, all the way around the girth.

  • The noseband is measured about 1” or (1/2” for mini) below the cheek bone.

  • The browband is measured from behind one ear around the brow to behind the other ear.

Standard Harness Sizes:

While there isn't actually a 'standard' measurement for any horse, you'll find the chart below a general guideline for harness sizing. 


If you require assistance, please feel free to call our tack department. For efficient service please provide the following measurements: