Woolpower Merino Wool FR Socks 400G

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Woolpower Merino Wool FR Socks 400G

Woolpower Merino Wool FR Socks 400


Woolpower's FR Socks 400 are made from their classic Ullfrotté Original 400 fabric crossed with flame resistant synthetics allowing for optimal safety and comfort. It’s a warm and comfortable sock that is suitable for wearing directly next to the foot or as a second layer.


  • 70% Merino wool/18% Polyamide/12% Aramide
  • Classic Crew Length
  • Integrated Toe Seam
  • Flame Resistant - Ullfrotté Original Merino wool material
  • Non-Itch Fabric
  • Naturally Odor Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Dryer Safe
  • Air Dry for Best Results
  • Unisex
  • Colours Available: Navy, Black
  • Style# 8464


Merino wool is combined with synthetic polyamide fiber, creating a stronger more durable garment with no seams. It adapts to temperature and activity level, providing great insulation that is very soft, smooth and stretchy.


Woolpower is fully committed to the production of warm undergarments and mid-layer clothing sold under the brand name Woolpower. The company employs about 70 people and the entire production is in Östersund, in the northern part of Sweden. They develop and produce 100% of their products. 


Not familiar with the features of the merino thermal layering system? Watch this video!