Western Horseman Books - Reining Completely Revised

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Western Horseman Books - Reining Completely Revised

Reining Completely Revised


By Al Dunning

A revised version of one of Western Horseman's all-time best sellers. Written by renowned trainer Al Dunning, Reining is a complete how-to training manual for this exciting sport. Chapter titles: Selecting the Horse; Equipment; Facilities; Equitation; Breaking; Riding Outside; Backing; Body Control and Suppling; Circles; Picking Up Leads; Changing Leads; 
Stops; Turn-Arounds; Rollbacks; Advancing to the Bridle; Running a Pattern; Psychology of Training; Psychology of Showing; Profile: Al Dunning. 216 pages and over 300 photographs.


  • A Complete How-To Training Manual for Reining
  • Chapters Include:
    • Selecting the Horse
    • Equipment
    • Facilities
    • Equitation
    • Breaking
    • Riding Outside
    • Backing
    • Body Control & Suppling
    • Circles
    • Picking Up Leads
    • Changing Leads
    • Stops
    • Turn-Arounds
    • Rollbacks
    • Advancing to the Bridle
    • Running a Pattern
    • Psychology of Training
    • Psychology of Showing
  • Over 300 Photographs
  • 216 Pages