Mason Jar Scented Candles

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Our Own Candle Company Mason Jar Scented Candles - Buttered Maple Syrup (Mini)

These candles are like none other and definitely a store favourite. They feature 13 oz. of Our Candle Company's special Soy/Paraffin blend of wax to give you a long clean burn that throws an amazing amount of scent! Burn time is up to 100 hours. A wide variety of scents to choose from.

  • Soy/Paraffin Wax
  • Clean Burn
  • Amazing Scent
  • In Mason Jar with Handle
  • 100 Hours Burn Time on a Standard Size / 30 Hours for Mini Size
  • Mini Size is Great for Smaller Rooms
  • Wide Variety of Scents
  • High Quality
  • Available Sizes: Standard (13oz), Mini (3.5oz)

Price varies depending on size.

Our Own Candle Company ~ The Best Scent. The Best Color. The Best Burn.

Our Own Candle Company started their company with one goal in mind, to create the perfect candle for the ultimate candle lover - One that lasts a long time, has a great scent that carries throughout the entire room, and leaves no wax buildup. We think they've accomplished that but we'll let you decide!