Back on Track Unisex Welltex T-Shirt

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Unisex Welltex T-Shirt (On Models)

This Unisex T-Shirt is made with Back on Track's trade-mark Welltex ceramic fabric, offering therapeutic benefits. Good for soothing stiffness/tenderness of the large muscles around the shoulders, upper arms, and elbows/forearm/wrist as well as upper back soreness. Whether managing chronic pain in your joints, or combating stiff and uncomfortable muscles, Welltex can help reduce pain and chronic inflammation.

  • Short Sleeve
  • Made with Welltex Stimulating Blood Flow
  • Cotton/Polyester/Welltex Bio-Ceramic Textile
  • Available in Black Only

Made with Welltex material / fabric which has infra red healing properties. Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury. Worn next to the skin it can deliver a comforting and therefore relaxing sensation making it really popular among eventing / endurance riders.

Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a "ceramic textile" which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.